CGI & animation

TOSC* creates all of its CGI content using Maya and the Arnold renderer while compositing is done in Nuke. Our powerful in-house Thinkbox Deadline-managed Xeon render farm ensures complex scenes can be rendered with ease.

Case Study: 40 Years short film

TOSC* completed over 80 VFX shots for the award winning rock monster short film ’40 years’. The bulk of the shots involved integrating a CGI rock monster into live action plates shot on super16 film. The creature’s performance was motion capture, with secondary animation added by hand. A layer of particles, animated cracks and dust elements was added to help integrate the creature into the environment.

View the film: 40 Years 



TOSC team:


Director/3d artist: Russell Appleford

Producer: Asha Amster

DOP: Oliver Schofiled

VFX Producer: Louise Oliver

2D: Mark Pinheiro, Mervyn New, Jim Spratling, Kim Ranzani, Kaveh Montazer, Victor Perez, Zena Bielewicz, Felix Serwir, Ezequiel Villanueva, Heather Goodenough, Andrew Emmerson, Roberto Proietti, Jesus Garrido, David Lieberman, Carlos Miras Sepulveda, Hannes Doornaert, Alessandro Salis, Andrei Sidyakin.

Editor: Peter Booth

Motion capture: